Chrissey is an experienced non-profit professional with extensive experience in development, marketing, and public relations. Chrissey hates talking about herself in the third person.  She was born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois and attended the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her time at UIC, Chrissey worked with the families and patients of various hospitals in the Illinois Medical District to provide continual and consistent lodging during medical crises, clinical trials, and prolonged treatment. She also worked at Chicago’s leading charitable organization for the homeless in Chicago.

Currently, Chrissey works at the leading organization in Texas which serves children and adults with disabilities. She has a broad variety of experience in non-profit development. She is experienced in designing social media campaigns, fundraising, organizing and designing giving campaigns, donor relations, major gift solicitation and the formation of strategic partnerships.

In the field of marketing, She has a significant amount of experience in regards to mass media, public relations, digital marketing, viral marketing, content marketing and creation, brand development, among others. Besides writing on chrisseywin.com, she also has a lifestyle blog, The Unabridged Sass.

Her content has been featured in Romper, Bustle, Buzzfeed, and The Berry, to name a few media sources.