Why This Website Even Exists


People have told me that they think I’m funny. People I know, people I don’t know, people who like me, people who don’t. All sorts of people.

To prove to you that I’m not some egomaniac that thinks I’m really awesome, I will cite two examples for you.

My boss has told me a bunch of times that he thinks I should do stand-up comedy. He thinks I’m funny, and because he’s the one paying me to be at work, you know he isn’t lying.

One of my best friends, Ram, and I actually became friends because he thought that I was funny. Our mutual friend Elaine was watching an Instagram live video of me telling a story and being my usual hyperbolic, ridiculous self and he said, AND I QUOTE, PER VERBATIM, “Who is that girl? She’s so funny.”

I mean, I’m no Jerry Steinfeld or Gabriel Iglesias (side note- I don’t think Gabriel Iglesias is that funny, my college boyfriend actually made me watch a special with him once in my dorm room as a “date” but that may be because we had pretty much watched all of Netflix at that point), but people say I’m funny.

From my non-award winning lifestyle blog, I’ve learned that people enjoy my writing. But the thing is, unless they follow me on Twitter too, this whole comedic Chrissey side would be considered a total anomaly.

I never really embraced this whole hyperbolic, sassy, witty (is this too condescending of a word to describe myself?) side of me until Mindy Kaling rolled in. I was this awkward, occasionally humorous but mostly quiet high school senior until The Mindy Project appeared on my television screen.

Out of no where was this strong, empowering female role model that was wildly successful in her professional life, but unabashedly herself while she did it. Mindy Kaling made me realize that I could be myself–in all my slightly ridiculous, sassy but endearing, glory. And boy, when that happened…did I let it out.

I was in AP Literature and told this really, really annoying girl to shut the f up. But I digress.

And since then, I’ve done a pretty good job of being myself. The thing is, finding the perfect place on the internet is a little bit trickier.

Twitter’s fun, but I need more than 160 characters (especially since Twitter did not approve me for 240…those jerks). And my lifestyle blog is phenomenal for writing about vegan snacks, La Croix, whatever lipstick I’m loving and those sorts of things, but I wanted a place to write about whatever random and ridiculous things I wanted to.

So, I guess this is my long-winded way of telling you guys why this website exists.


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