Working For A Non-Profit Doesn’t Make Someone Superior


I have worked for three non-profits in my lifetime, and I have been no stranger to encountering people who think they are morally superior to others because of the fact they work at a non-profit organization. Unfortunately, that means that I am no stranger to people who may assume that I may think that I’m superior because I work at a charitable organization (even though I fully do not think that all!).

I have met some absolutely amazing individuals who are genuinely grateful for the experiences they’ve had in their line of work, and others who believe that they’re Mother Theresa or Ghandi for working at a 501(c)3. And although I cannot (and will not ever) speak for others, I can speak for myself.

I have never once thought that I am superior or better than another individual for working for a non-profit organization. I think it’s a common (but wrong) perception and stereotype that people will instinctively jump to, because when someone is talking about the good things they are doing, others tend to be snarky.

But the honest to God truth is this: I am not better than another person because I work at a non-profit. As a matter of fact, working at a non-profit makes me a better person. Each and every individual I’ve met has taught me something new, and so has each and every experience. I’ve had the opportunity to hear so many stories and to see so many lives change and I genuinely think that I’m very blessed to have these experiences.

It’s easy to judge from the outside looking in, but it’s something that someone externally may never understand.

I undeniably do work that impacts our community–each and every person at my organization does. But that does not mean that you have to work at a non-profit to impact others. I am a strong believer that you can do meaningful work in endless ways, whether you work for a charity or you work for a corporation.

It’s a universal truth that each and every person puts what they wish out there, you just have to make sure that what you’re doing is what you want it to. And each and every person out there can impact the community that surrounds us–they just have to choose to do so.



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