Hi, I’m Christine Nguyen!

Hello, my name is Christine Nguyen. I am an experienced non-profit professional with extensive experience in development, marketing, and public relations.

I am very skilled in designing social media campaigns, fundraising, organizing and designing giving campaigns, donor relations, major gift solicitation and the formation of strategic partnerships.

In the field of marketing, I am well versed in regards to mass media, public relations, digital marketing, viral marketing, content marketing and creation, brand development, among others.

My content has been featured in Romper, Bustle, Buzzfeed, Dallas Business Journal, My Sweet Charity, and The Berry, to name a few media sources.



  • I’ve met few people that work harder than Chrissey, and with her talent, passion, and energy she’s been transformative on the Ability Connection fundraising team. As her manager I’ve been consistently impressed with her detailed thoughtfulness in how she approaches business challenges and the efficiency in which she manages projects.

    Justin Banta